Wednesday, May 31, 2006

here is some thing had alot of fun with . im not very happy with a couple of the poses but i guess thats just milage.
here are a couple ways i see the minotaur.

Monday, May 29, 2006

the one on the top right is a sea monster destroying a ship

here are some thumbnails that ive done for the mext painting i want to do. none of them are realy the same in conent exept that there is an overall theme of mytholagy

Sunday, May 28, 2006

i like sometimes drawing some thing i like to think no else would. i was right at the door of riverdale farm waiting for a friend and i end up drawing this.... i like it

these were done on wasaga beach. crazy place

here are some more skeches that i did in the subway

Friday, May 26, 2006

Here is a colour version. I'm not completly happy with the bear, but I think the eskimo came out well enough.

here is something i had in my head for a while, im going to play a little more with the lighting. im also try to be looser with my painting and less anal.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

here are a couple of characters that i came up with for a painting or at least just for practise.

here are some zoo skeches.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

here is an other background painting that i did in the digital painting class.

here is a marker skech of our main charictar being brought to the prison

even more from "retribution"

just for fun, i like workin in black and white i think i am getting better at it.

an other character that mean to animate one day. this was a design i did for "the flash" film. this not being very flash friendly i had to bastardize this

more from "retribution"

i have mixed feelings about this one i dont know if i like it.....i guess it just needs more work.

this is a prize fighting scene of our game based on a classic novel. we dont have a title of our own as of yet but i like to call it "the chronicles of Retribution"

now this design is not mine. it belongs to kelly conelly an amazing designer! i did the colouring

here are a couple iron clads for the game "again". there ships that came out during the late 18th i think. they were steam powerd. here are some of the ways they could have designed them in the world of our game

im realy happy how this one turned out.

this was something i did in photoshop painting at the beginning of school this year

here are cannons for a war ship on the game im working on
here one of the characters that intend on animating as soon as i have the time. he has no name or back story.

here is a soldier of story that i have been working on for the passed four years now.
here is a creature that i designed for the game im working on. its a toad mutant that has evolved to be able to smash boats with its huge bone head.

ok here is more , this is some skechbook stuff that i do everyday. i always have my skechbook with me no matter where i go. i try to change what i use but i end up using a g-teck pilot .5 and a pentel brush pen.